AMC Newsletter September 2019: What are your expectations?

September 2019

At our September training of key managers from our client company from Krusevac, we started the training by talking about the importance of expectations which they have from their employees and how those expectations influence the behavior of people in the team.  During two days of intensive work, various solutions models for different managerial doubts were presented and for the end once again we returned to expectations with a story: 

Dr Rosenthal performed a series of experiments at Harvard University. He divided his students into three groups. He told the first group: “You have genius rats. They will go to the end of the maze, they will eat a lot of cheese, better prepare an extra supply”.

He mentioned to the second group: “You have a bunch of average rats. They are not too bright, not too smart, but they will get to the end of a maze, so you better put cheese there.”

He went to the third group: “You have a problem. These rats are dumb. If anyone gets to the end, that would be a surprise. You don’t even need to buy any cheese, just place a sign saying cheese” :).

For the next six weeks they conducted the experiment. At the end, the genius rats acted as genius rats, they even gained weight, the average ones acted as average rats, but the idiot rats... could not find their way towards the cheese, and even if they did, you would know that was by accident.

Here is an interesting thing: There were no genius rats, there were no idiot rats, they were all average rats. In fact, they were all from the same family of rats...

What kind of neighbors do you have?
What kind of kids do you have?
What kind of employees do you have?
We treat people as we see them.
Our expectations influence their behavior.
How do you see people that surround you?


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Gordana Berger

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