Will 2015 really be a new year for you or just a repeated old 2014, 2013...?

If you want to discover a new version of yourself in the New Year, let's start by doing something new and different.

ACTION COACHING COMPASS will as a real compass, bring clarity into your life by, first, defining where you are at the moment, then, what are the possible directions to go to and which direction to choose in order to reach your wanted destination.

In whichever area of your life you would like to have different results – finances, health, relationship, carrier, friendship, personal growth – you can have it in all 360⁰! 

With our professional coach, Gordana Berger, you will achieve more than you ever believed possible on this coaching journey.

Our Action Coaching Compass package provides:

  • Free consultation
  • Six unique and effective coaching sessions
  • Development of Step by Step Action Compass Plan 
  • Email support between sessions

For a free consultation, that will by itself add value to your life and give as a call at: + 1 305 927 4233  or send an email to Gordana directly at: gordanab@amc.rs

If you are ready to find your compass and create new action now, lets start!