Human resources

Human resources

Managing Human Resources

This program provides a unique opportunity for HR professionals to implement, revise and refocus the existing activities in their Human Resources Department and, through interactive work and implementation of their action plans, to implement the newly learned principles of organizational development which support changes in the environment, contribute to strategic recruitment and keeping the best staff.

Performance Appraisal and Setting Goals

In this training program, you will learn the principles for designing an efficient performance appraisal system and the importance of linking the achieved goals with the performance evaluation. Through numerous interactive exercises and case studies, the participants have an opportunity to plan the implementation of a system that best fits their company’s strategy and values.

Behavioral Interview Techniques

Behavioral interview is the right choice for all the companies that wish to be more fair, objective, predictable and consistent in the way they assess their candidates. During the training, the participants will learn practical techniques that will enable them to assess whether the candidate possesses the characteristics, the so called competences, necessary for success at work.

Training of Trainers

Presentation skills and public performance are highly ranked with many people on the list of their fears. This training will help you to become self-confident in a public performance because, thanking to systematic formulation and design of this seminar, you will be prepared for each phase of the training.

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