How to Become a Top Leader and Achieve Desired Team Results

15th – 16th December 2017


  • How do you encourage your team for success?


Uniqe concept – training based on business simulation Coach™ and group coaching, developed by Human Synergistics International.

Target group: Key Managers, Directors, Team Leaders & Company Owners


Training duration: 2 days

“It has been always a great pleasure to work with Action Management Consulting and professionals like Gordana Berger and her team, that I have been successfully cooperating for several years.

When you are constantly exposed to pressure and stress in the business environment, Gordana's trainings introduce you not only skillfully but almost imperceptibly to a certain subject matter, and you gradually slow down your pace being imposed by a peaceful and calm approach. Today it is a real privilege. The combination of international and local experience, careful preparation and insight into each individual participant are a great added value. If you want responsibility, flexibility, respect of deadlines and professionalism, then you should definitely collaborate with AMC.”

 Nevenka Aleksić, HR Consultant & Business Coach (former position: Head of People Development, Crédit Agricole Serbia)


During individual and group work, you discover values associated with styles that inspire the team to achievement, encouraging self-reflection and teamwork, setting realistic performance standards and helping in achieving them.


“You are an experienced leader who has led successful teams, and you have just taken over the leadership of a team with lots of challenges... "

Key Points:

  • How do you set challenging but realistic goals and help your team members reach them?
  • How to increase motivation for individuals and teams?
  • What is your entrepreneurial spirit and which vocabulary do you use?
  • How do effective leaders communicate with teams, how do they perform team monitoring and evaluation?
  • Is it possible to take care of people and carry out tasks?

Work Method:

  • Lead knowledge through practical examples
  • Group coaching focused on change 
  • Personal action plan

Bonus for you (150 EUR value) – additional development tools: 

Human Synergisticoriginal simulation package – Co-Achieving Coach ™, challenges the participants based on the list of 55 assertions, to establish the most optimal ways in leading teams, setting goals and implementing action, with regard to motivate the team that is not achieving results.

Our Training Team: 

Ivan Dmitrić is the founder and partner in the leading branch office of Human Synergistics International in Serbia. He specialized in the field of analysis, change in organizational culture and development of leaderships. His expertise includes Human Synergistic Accreditation - Change Agent Level, Flow International Trainer and NLP Business Practitioner. Ivan is a family man whose life goal is to use his energy, experience and knowledge in achieving positive organizational changes.

Gordana Berger is the founder and director of Action Management Consulting company.  She achieved her academic education at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada in the field of Business Management.  Gordana is a certified NLP trainer of NLP Univeristy in Santa Cruz, and achieved the title Master Practitioner and coach in London, while the advanced NLP certificate was acquired with Richard Bandler. Her international experience includes leadership positions on the American continent, in companies: Benetton, Primus Telecom, Advanced Financial Systems Inc. Gordana is an accomplished wife and mother, active in sports that require moving borders such as diving and skiing.

Training investment:

Regular training investment per person is 365 EUR (+VAT).

1. For early payment, until Friday, 1st December, we approve 10% saving for any chosen training, which reduces your investment to: 328 EUR (+VAT).
2. For participation of 3+ persons from the same company, it is our pleasure to offer 10% saving per person, which makes your regular investment for the training to: 328 EUR (+VAT) or with early payment to: 295 EUR (+VAT) per person.

*Bonus presents:

- Life Style Inventory LSI questionnaire + handbook (175 EUR) included in the first training!
- Coach™ simulation Human Synergistics (150 EUR) included in the second training!

3. For making a decision to participate in all three complete trainings of MANAGEMENT SUCCESS ACADEMY and gain the certification right after the third training, as well as the diploma of our Academy, it is our honor to offer additional 15% saving

Regular investment per training is reduced to: 310 EUR (+VAT) per person per training or if combined with early payment and 3+ persons from the same company, the investmenf for the package of three trainings per person is: 251 EUR (+VAT)

Complete training program:

Additional training informations:

  • The trainings will take place in the conference hall of Zepter Hotel, address:   Terazije 10
  • The training investment includes all the costs of preparation, as well as printed material - detailed interactive scripts and realization of training programs
  • Joint lunch at the hotel and refreshment during breaks are also included
  • Prior to the start of the training program, it is necessary to pay the registration fee in full in RSD equivalent according to the NBS selling rate, to the account of Action Management Consulting company
  • Participants who attend all three trainings of our Management Success Academy receive a certificate in English language
  • Participants who complete our training program of three training sessions, qualify for the placement and obtaining a comprehensive certificate for completion of the Management Academy of success.
  • The number of places is limited. To make a reservation and payment, please contact us at 011 409 3730 or by mail at