How to Increase Efficiency and Influence

20th – 21st of March 2020

  • Meet the most important person for you - yourself
  • How to make communication more effective and successful
  • How to achieve the goals you deserve

Target group: Key Managers, Directors & Company Owners

Training duration: 2 days

"Prejudice? Another training with the same content, by break time I will forget what we talked about? Just hope I do not fall asleep this time? ... My beginning ... and my end?

I saw the end immediately after half an hour of handful of energy that surrounded me, and it was coming out of me. Like the opening of a box that was closed for a long time and gold dust was gathered.

This powder gained its freedom to float in the air and create an aura around all participants, turning us into one being. The one that collects every word but is not selfish to share it, the one that is aware that one did something for the first time, but for oneself!

Topic: How to Increase Efficiency and Influence on Others?
Training dynamics, competence of the lecturers, theatricality in the approach of the lecturer, ambience, carefully selected participants, applicable and real examples from everyday life are exactly what left me with a really powerful impression, and in such a short time, gaining much more awareness and understanding of what we are getting with this kind of training.

Are we getting a new self? Is that the goal? Perhaps this may sound selfish, but as someone who has feelings for people, understanding for their different needs I would be the first to give up realizing that this could have such a presumption. I decided to do something for myself, something good that can contribute to the good feeling of everyone around me.
As someone who perceives practicum and who respects the applicability of the acquired knowledge and skills, for the first time after 10 years of work and various similar trainings, I can confirm that all the training elements are clear, precise, but what is most important is that they are applicable. What is the point of knowledge without practice? AMC has the essence, applicability!

The story has a clearly divided role:
Introduction - What is that we have to work on!
Body - What will change if we change action!
Conclusion - What gives result, teaches us what we should do the same!

In the end, I can only wish to anyone who would like to feel the aforementioned aura of gold dust, to allow themselves this luxury and for the first time do something really powerful for themselves with the help of AMC.


Milan Zivanic, Sales Director, Komercijalna banka

Key Learning Points:

  • From self-motivation to influence on others
  • How to build trust and increase influence on your environment
  • Learn how to distinguish behavioral styles and discover your dominant styles
  • Understand how your behavioral styles influence success in communication
  • Self-leadership to the leadership of others

Our present for you - Bonus value 175 EUR:

1. Personal development assessment: Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI 1) – Human Synergistics questionairre for perceiving behavior lifestyles, which has been proved as efficient in use for more than a decade.


2. Create a personal development plan (Bonus: LSI 70 page handbook)

Our Training Team:

Gordana Berger is the founder and director of Action Management Consulting company.  She achieved her academic education at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada in the field of Business Management.  Gordana is a certified NLP trainer of NLP Univeristy in Santa Cruz, and achieved the title Master Practitioner and coach in London, while the advanced NLP certificate was acquired with Richard Bandler. Her international experience includes leadership positions on the American continent, in companies: Benetton, Primus Telecom, Advanced Financial Systems Inc. Gordana is an accomplished wife and mother, active in sports that require moving borders such as diving and skiing. 

Milan Cabric is the director of Core Values company. Implementing advanced coaching methods like, Neuro-linguistic Program Coach (NLP), Accredited Consultant for Points of you methodology and HR consultant, working in teams and with the top managements. Milan obtained his academic education at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, where he completed Master Studies in the field of Human Resources Management. He loves the written word and expresses his creative side through writing texts and blogs, as well as wood carving.

Training investment:

Regular training investment per person is 365 EUR (+VAT). 

1. Regarding AMC's birthday that is on 1st of July, we would like to recognize your readiness for action and offer savings on training investments:
a) exclusive 25% saving on training, for all of you that decide to join us during the summer period on our Winter Management Success Academy until Monday 9th of December 2019, your investment for one training will be 274 EUR (+VAT) per person.

b) until Wednesday, 15th of January 2020, we will acknowledge that as 15% savings, which reduces your investment in training to: 310 EUR (+VAT) &

c) 10% savings will be applied after that time until Monday 17th of February 2020, which reduces the regular training investment to 328 EUR(+VAT)

2. For participation of 3+ persons from the same company, we provide 10% savings per person, which makes your regular investment for the training, per person reduced to 328 EUR (+VAT) or with early payment:

a) until 9th of December 2019 to: 246 EUR (+VAT) per person;

b) until 15th of January 2020 to: 279 EUR (+VAT) per person &

c) until 17th of February 2020 to: 295 EUR (+VAT).

3. If you decide to join us on all three trainings of the MANAGEMENT SUCCESS ACADEMY and you quality for the sertification, as well as to receive the diploma from our Academy, it is our honour

to offer additional 15% savings. Your regular training investment for all three trainings is reduced to: 310 EUR (+VAT) per person, per training or combined with early payment: the investment per person

a) until 9th of December 2019 and  3+ persons from the same company, for the training package of all three trainings, the investment per person, per training would be: 209 EUR(+VAT)

b) until 15th of January 2020, your investment in this option would be: 237 EUR (+VAT)

c) until 17th of February 2020 the complete investment with the saving is: 250 EUR (+VAT)

Presents included in the program:

  • Life Style Inventory (LSI) questionnaire + handbook (175 EUR) are included in the first training! 
  • Coach™ simulation by Human Synergistics company (150 EUR)  is included in the second training! 

Additional training information:

  • The trainings will take place at the conference room of Zepter Hotel, address: Terazije 10, Belgrade
  • The training investment includes all the costs of preparation, as well as printed material - detailed interactive scripts and realization of training programs
  • Joint lunch at the hotel and refreshment during breaks are also included
  • Prior to the start of the training program, it is necessary to pay the registration fee in full 
  • Participants who attend all three trainings of our Management Success Academy receive a certificate in English language
  • Participants who complete our training program consisting of three trainings, qualify for obtaining a complete certificate of the Management Academy of Success
  • The number of spots at the training is limited. To make a reservation and payment, please contact us at +381 11 409 3730 or by mail:

·         How do associates and clients understand you?

·         How to become more influential and more favored?

·         How to effectively organize work and delegate?