Management Success Academy

Complete Package of Three Management Success Academy Trainings

The biggest application of new skills that I have adopted after attending all three trainings of Management Success Academy, is certainly in raising awareness of myself and creating a better 'I' for both my surroundings and myself.

Each training brings along new skills and practical examples, which are applicable in practice. The strongest impression were the lecturers with Gordana at the lead, because they are dedicated at the most and they bring positive energy which they spread around their surroundings and in that case, success is guaranteed.

A year ago, was the first time I encountered myself with Action Management Consulting trainings, and in my opinion the difference from other trainings is that after these trainings you get the desire to act and initiate action.

Everyone who wants to work on their self-improvement, in order to be more successful in business as well as in private life, has the opportunity to initiate this process of change with Action Management Consulting trainings.

Bogoljub Markovic, Nature Conservation Expert, UZP KD Titelski Breg



As the logical sequel of my journey towards self-recognition and personal potential after NLP Business Practitioner, Management Success Academy followed. The wider space of being able to look at life through different eyes, recognition of who am I as a person, negotiator, leader which I have gained through trainings, have brought me the desired changes in all aspects of my life. Step by step things were changing for the better, one by one.

Lots of laughter, positive energy and support, and all of it while you are learning and developing yourself, is what makes AMC special.

I wholeheartedly recommend AMC to everyone who wishes to work on self-improvement and self-development, because besides skills and acquired knowledge, you improve your emotional intelligence that is needed for us personally as well for the world around us.

Jelena Ljubisavljevic, Founder and CEO of Flow Development Center



How to Become a Top Leader and Achieve Desireable Team Results

Once again I would like to express my gratitude publicly to you and your team!
Mika Antic once said that the skill of creating poetry is not exhaling excessive words! Every word you say is poetry, wise advice and for me it is an endless inspiration. Whenever I think it is impossible, those words inspire me, they move borders...
Your universe is perfect, like the people in it… Thank you for making me a part of it again and again!

Ashen Ataljanc, Prima Ballerina and Founder of Ashen Ataljanc Dance School



My wish is to attend more similar trainings as you cannot become in life what you wish, unless you fully do not understand yourself and if you stay where you are. Two trainings of two days in one month which I spent with wonderful participants, different professional profiles and lifestyles, lecturers and motivators of this useful training who uniquely, with practical examples, without dull presentations, managed to succeed in uniting all these styles and differences into one, so that everyone could learn a lot about oneself and become a better leader who will understand competencies, motivation and behavior of others, in order to get an environment that every individual in the team is striving for. Thank you for everything.

Nikica Kalaba, Sales Director for Micro & Agro Clients, Komercijalna Banka



One more amazing experience. After the very first training I had high expectations. I can honestly say my expectations were fulfilled and more!

Katarina Indjic, Property Management Coordinator, Home Invest Operations LLC



Once again, I would like to point out that the training was very good, that we passed through all necessary processes that we encounter in our work, and we came to conclusions and instructions about what we are doing well and what needs to be improved. I would definitely join some of the next trainings organized by AMC.

Milomir Dadic, Operations Manager, Agroinvest Fund



Unlike other trainings where you get theoretical knowledge, this training offers answers to practical questions that every manager faces daily, and provides a huge opportunity for personal development, as it touches directly into the beliefs and awakens them. This form of training - training in a group, has helped me by giving insights that everyone of us has different tools and different beliefs on the same situation, and that it is all applicable in different situations with different outcomes.

Above all the group of trainees was very motivating for each one of us individually and was carefully created by AMC. Of course, the willingness to accept these differences, to process them and to start implementing them on a daily basis is our task and I am sure that we will all find exactly what is most beneficial to us individually. I have to work on setting more realistic goals and this is my greatest insight from this training. When the goal is well defined, the demotivating factor disappears, the same factor that forced us to lower the criteria before when we were unrealistic in setting goals. I also realized what the next step is the motivation of associates towards the common goal, which is necessary for success.

I would like to thank Ivan as well, for he always answered my questions in a very acceptable way, aiming directly to the essence, to the spots that were inhibiting me in the past years. What is most important is that this was very useful for my self-confidence. No matter what you know and believe, it is good to have a tangible result in the group, knowing that the chosen road is good for you and your associates. Thanks a lot!

Ljiljana Milanovic



The flexibility of the trainer was most important for me, because he recognized all the situations, adjusted the material and very subtly prevented dilution and loss of time. Unique, fluid, understandable, practical. Certain parts of the exercises were very useful and easy for practical use. The delegation table through will/skill fields and algorithm 3 solutions. A very useful and practical tool in developing skills, people and the whole team. I cannot wait for the third part!

Todd (Bozo) Milosevic



Thank you for the wonderful training and the experience you have shared with me, because each of us is different, everyone is story for themselves, everyone is a leader and with personal example and desire to learn and change ourselves, we show that we can and that we deserve to be stronger and better in that what we do.
Among everything, you are all wonderful people and the energy at the training has made it so special and interesting.

Vedrana Lukic, General Manager, Capital Developments Ltd.


How to Increase Effieciency and Influence on Others

"Prejudice? Another training with the same content, by break time I will forget what we talked about? Just hope I do not fall asleep this time? ... My beginning ... and my end?

I saw the end immediately after half an hour of handful of energy that surrounded me, and it was coming out of me. Like the opening of a box that was closed for a long time and gold dust was gathered.

This powder gained its freedom to float in the air and create an aura around all participants, turning us into one being. The one that collects every word but is not selfish to share it, the one that is aware that one did something for the first time, but for oneself!

Topic: How to Increase Efficiency and Influence on Others?
Training dynamics, competence of the lecturers, theatricality in the approach of the lecturer, ambience, carefully selected participants, applicable and real examples from everyday life are exactly what left me with a really powerful impression, and in such a short time, gaining much more awareness and understanding of what we are getting with this kind of training.

Are we getting a new self? Is that the goal? Perhaps this may sound selfish, but as someone who has feelings for people, understanding for their different needs I would be the first to give up realizing that this could have such a presumption. I decided to do something for myself, something good that can contribute to the good feeling of everyone around me.
As someone who perceives practicum and who respects the applicability of the acquired knowledge and skills, for the first time after 10 years of work and various similar trainings, I can confirm that all the training elements are clear, precise, but what is most important is that they are applicable. What is the point of knowledge without practice? AMC has the essence, applicability!

The story has a clearly divided role:
Introduction - What is that we have to work on!
Body - What will change if we change action!
Conclusion - What gives result, teaches us what we should do the same!

In the end, I can only wish to anyone who would like to feel the aforementioned aura of gold dust, to allow themselves this luxury and for the first time do something really powerful for themselves with the help of AMC.

Milan Zivanic, Sales Director, Komercijalna banka



High-quality communication techniques, guidance and understanding of others. Excellent leading during the training and touch for the training participants, Bravo!

Snezana Vukasinovic, CEO, Take a Side Group, Consulting Group Belgrade



My impression is positive, received answers to various questions. A new view of myself and the people I meet. Recommendation to anyone who wants to work on him/herself and wants to live a more beautiful and easier life, in terms of applying communication techniques for understanding of others and oneself.

Bogoljub Markovic, Acting Director, UZP - KD Titelski breg



It was my pleasure to meet you, team up with you in an atmosphere full of friendship, enthusiasm, happiness...  It seems that so far with no one did I get into RAPPORT so fast.

Today, when the managerial population is increasingly "distracted", in a constant dilemma to respond to job requirements, to create balance between business and private life segment, as well as to pay the lowest psychological price, dealing with this demanding type of work is a great challenge!

By choosing and striving for lifestyles based on the value system that is reflected in the way you lead yourself, your employees and your organization, you have helped us that the challenge becomes the truth we live by!

Daliborka Rancic, Production Director, AURA



Excellent, really. Far above my expectations. A new world, a new perception and understanding of people. The power of introspection and the importance of introspection. I immediately recommend the training.

The difference is that this training goes into depth of understanding others through understanding oneself, all for the sake of better efficiency in the interactions overall, at work included.

Marija Gacesa



Advanced Negotiating Skills

Excellent trainers who constantly adapt to all participants and situations, a pleasant and motivating atmosphere, good organization, positive participants (I do not know whether the team of participants is always as good, but this one was real fun Smile ). What I liked the most is that for the first time at such a training, I was surrounded with people from different business fields and of different professions, which provided participating and solving various business problems/doubts, as well as thinking and working together with different people on numerous questions that probably we did not think of previously, as much as we are inclined to.
The training definitely contributes to the better observation of all negotiation sides, their characters and interests, setting the goals before negotiation and ways of to successfully achieve them.
As we are part of negotiating on a daily basis, privately and personally, as well as business related ones, I would recommend this training to everybody… even to skeptics. They will be surprised positively.

Jelena Jovanovic, Financial Advisor, Telekomunikacija d.o.o.



The training was very interesting and full of examples from real life situations. It's great that the trainers used real examples from their own experience and related them to the situations in which we encounter ourselves every day at work. Practical examples were perfect, interactive components and practical work is something that makes this training different from other similar trainings.
I find this training very useful, it opens other angles to negotiations, reminding us of our strong and weak points. In addition to being very useful, this training has brought participants together in an entertaining and unusual way where participants from different professions work on the same goal.

Ivan Jevtovic, Director of Operations, AAA Freight, Inc.



My choice for training is always according to the energy of the person / trainer, and that is Gordana Berger. Maybe a little bit smaller groups would be more effective model for my personal progress during the training but I have completely fulfilled my expectations! This is a must training. It is for all emancipated business people today, both for employers and for service providers.

Anja Milic, Owner and Technical Director,



Above all expectations, useful workshops based on realistic examples from which we can learn lessons, get new ideas and learn from the mistakes we had made in the past. Excellent, educational training with realistic facts and situations.

Goran Racic, Sales Manager , AURA LLC

The training was excellent, compliments for interactivity and practicality that is particularly effective and important in such trainings. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of profession that wants to perfect their skills!

Zlatica Pavlovic, Wholesale Trader, Idea

An incredible impression, numerous examples are being practiced through teamwork and skills acquired that can easily be applied into professional and private life. The training has influenced me to change the way I think and try to perceive situations from different angles, then I did so far. The fact is that the working atmosphere is an important factor for achieving the goals set. Great experience is gained from work, discussions and workshop with people from different business backgrounds. An experience which can hardly be described it should be experienced!

Kristina Jocic, Export Manager, AURA LLC

I like the possibility to be on the same training with colleagues from the other industries with the opportunity to exchange experiences and network. Anyone who has a little bit involvement in negotiation process should necessarily join the training.

Radovan Todorovic, Assurance Manager, Ernst & Young

Fantastic experience with lots of positive energy towards positive professional and personal growth. Lots of interesting people from different business areas, fantastic positive atmosphere and the trainer who enabled participants to master experientially entire negotiation process.

Marija Mihajlovic, Office Manager, International Trading School

This training will significantly upgrade (improve) your position in negotiations.

Aleksandar Stojanovic, Procurement, Bambi

I am very pleased with the way the training had been conducted. The trainer is excellent, speaks language understandable to all participants and uses real practical examples. All compliments! A very useful and well designed training. It covers practical topics and provides real-life suggestions for solving various situations.

Marija Gardzic, HR Manager, DIS

The training Advanced Action Negotiating Skills was interesting to me because it pointed out, through practical exercises, some details that "make a difference" in successful communication. Some of them I have been applying, both consciously and unconsciously, and some of them I will be applying in the future at work and in my everyday life.

Through concrete examples, clear and simple understandable trainer's presentation, great atmosphere contributed by the interesting participants from different business areas, beautiful surroundings in which the training took place, I've gained some knowledge and finesse that will be important to me for more effective communication with clients, colleagues and any other persons from my surroundings.

Bojana Simovic, Komercijalna banka Beograd

The Advanced Action Negotiating Skills training is an extremely well-designed training in several aspects. During the interactive learning based on a number of different situations, participants can learn how to respect the needs of other party, and also they can understand how far to go in achieving goals in communication with others.

In a non-invasive way, the training participants have the opportunity to lear skills how to adjust their attitudes, how to change them, and the methodology they can apply in situations when they have "serious negotiators". One of the most important aspects of this "open" training is that it provides an opportunity to interact with people from different sectors (from profit and NGO sectors) as well as with people of different education.

Networking between all participants, understanding different ways of thinking, appreciation for others - these are all great results achieved by the participants in this two-day training, although, in a first place, I responsiblly claim, the participants have improved their negotiating skills for which they signed it up for the training.

Dino Mujanovic, Program Manager for Serbia, Catholic Relief Services

Great atmosphere, clear presentation and good supporting material are the caracteristics of this training. In addition to the specific skills you will also get a higher dose of positive energy, which makes the whole package even more valuable.

Dejan Lovric, Channel Development Manager& Head of Promotion Team, CT Computers

The Advanced Action Negotiating Skills training has fulfilled my expectations in every aspect. The atmosphere at the training was relaxed and motivating and participants from various professions have contributed to its diversity, dynamism and positive impressions.

In everyday life and especially in business life, the possessing of negotiating skills allows many complicated and difficult situations and relationships to be solved in the right way and to the satisfaction of all parties. I'm sure that this experience will be of great help to me in my future personal and business challenges. All compliments for Mrs. Gordana Berger and great organization!

Ana Koeshall, Director of Fondation of Ana & Vlade Divac

The training was a completely new experience for me. I havn't had the opportunity so far to attend such an interesting, highly professional training. The training led me towards totally new ways of thinking regarding business relations and negotiations.

It also helped me to get to know myself and people around me through different aspects.

When my colleagues who had already attended this training course told me that I would be more than satisfied, I was pretty skeptical. Trainings are usually uniform, but this training definitely confirmed that there are beautiful exceptions to every rule!

Thank you for everything once again.

Tatjana Sarenac, Large Client Relationship Manager, Komercijalna Banka

The training has been very nice and helpful to me. I've already had the opportunity to apply what I learned. The examples were very practical. It was interesting that the participants were from different professions and educations and the examples were from everyday life, not only from the business environment. Compliments for the trainer and organizer Gordana who skillfully and professionally established pleasant atmosphere that supports easy learning.

Dusanka N. Kostadinovic, Lawyer

The impression is positive; everything was on an extremely high level, great organization. The trainer was outstanding, interesting and pleasant. The atmosphere was working and entertaining. The training was excellent; a lot can be learned and applied in the further professional career.

Dunja Radisic, Telekomunikacija

The atmosphere was excellent. A constructive and active group in accordance with the diversity of the business environment they come from. In a great atmosphere, with pleasant and professional trainer, different negotiation situations will become clearer.

Marko Jovanovic, Head of Control and Inventory Management, Idea

Positive impressions, new angles, chunking down certain situations, analytical approach! Useful and applicable in many areas.

Mirko Sojic, Export Sales, Nectar

I have very positive impressions about the training, regarding content as well as atmosphere and competence of the trainer. Proactive approach, usefull for people that are in negotiations.

Lidija Mijatovic, Large Client Relationship Manager, Komercijalna Banka

Very pleasant, at any time I got a feeling that the trainer was there for me. Concrete. Clear. Professionalism, many examples, "something new" out of standards and templates.

Djordje Ivanovic, Assistant Trader, Idea

A person, who wants to improve his future work, certainly has to have a goal to participate in such a professional training. Tools that we have obtained at this training, that will become part of our everyday lives will each of us bring to certain and permanent success.


It provides very practical and precise solutions and instructions for negotiations so that the knowledge obtained at the training can be applied in practice.

Dragana Djordjevic, Lawyer

I recommend this training to everyone that finds themselves in situations they think they cannot overcome. It only takes a small turn in different direction (out of the comfort zone) to turn situation around.

Aleksandar Pavlovic, Supply Planning and Purchasing Manager, Idea

The powerful thing for anyone to improve the existing and adopt new knowledge.

Aleksandar Lukic, Director, Bapex

This training in a cheerful and innovative ways  provides new discoveries. Positive atmosphere, absence of pressure, interesting presentation, i.e., unusual (non-stereotyped) presentation approach.

Danijel Grgic, Category Manager, Idea

It is different from anything I have ever experienced. I've separated the two days of  my everyday life, and I think that'Who stands on a hill ever so briefly, sees so much more than the one in foothills.' Njegos

Dragica Bozinovic, Commercial Director, Novitas

Great atmosphere, excellent selection of participants. Friendly environment, exchange of experiences and a wonderful way to learn something new.The trainer takes you from one level to another seamlessly, easily, while you are aware at every moment that you make progress. Don't miss this experience.

Dragana Cosic, Large Client Relationship Manager, Komercijalna Banka


The Secrets of Effective Communicators

Very useful techniques and tools, well-designed tasks during exercises, friendly atmosphere and lovely female trainers and hosts are what is to be remembered. All compliments! Many thanks to you and keep up the good work!

Renata Smit Rastovic, Site Development and Functionality, Infostud

An impressive insight to resources available to us and the majority of solutions that can be found inside of us if we manage to strengthen the will and establish the discipline that brings us forward.

Ana Bojovic, Recruitment and Selection Manager, Credit Agricole Bank

Great atmosphere, completely positive energy. For a long time I haven't enjoyed this much the company of strangers, that are now already dear and familiar people. I'm sure that I will better understand others and their diversity. Beautiful relationships, positive energy, a great way to get to know yourself better and to understand others.

Jelena Milanovic, Regional Retail Director, DIS

Pleasant work atmosphere, outstanding relationship of trainer to the participants.

Useful training – it is necessary to attend it if you want to get to know yourself, establish effective communication and learn how to achieve behavioral flexibility and solve conflicts.

Mirjana Zivkovic, Legal Manager, Djak

Gordana Berger is a woman whose example I follow in every aspect of my life. Conversations with her give me strength, and her advices encourage my fate in myself. This is how I felt as well when I was attending the training.

Ashen Ataljanc, Prima Ballerina and Founder of Ashen Ataljanc Dance School 


I expanded my comprehension of other people, the way of communication and understanding of different situations in my life.

Goran Kosanovic, Painter

During her professional, inspirational training Gordana Berger teaches you how to grow and develop yourself, how to take advantage of your potentials and take action to achieve results. The training looks like an interactive game, where in addition to drawing, writing, talking and laughing, you adopt the new methods and techniques that lead you to your goal. So playful, you are not even aware of recognizing more inspiring choices, better understanding of the actions of other people, your beliefs are reviewed, and problems turn into creative challenges. Gordana Berger generously passes her knowledge to participants, develops your social intelligence with lots of attention, human warmth and understanding.

After the course, you are not the same, and yet you are your own. Your life is gradually taking that added value that makes it more beautiful and fulfilling. Now you know how to reach that. Thank you!

Vesna Jovic

It was a great pleasure meeting you (some of them a little bit more than I knew before) and working with you. This was a training to remember, with a lot of positive energy and sincerity. 

Nada Djuricic, Board Member for the IT Sector, Djak

Absolutely useful for persons who want to work on personal development and to improve their relationships with colleagues, friends and family. I took the opportunity to get to know the other half of Dunja; Dunja who knows that each of us carries within us the solution of various dilemmas; Dunja who better distinguishes illusions from real desires and goals. This knowledge acquired in a very short period of time I will apply to the business and private environment. I would like to thank Gordana and her team for the given chance to become better.

Dr Dunja Polovina, Purchasing Manager, Fresenius Medical Care Serbia

This training is good for personal upgrade and progress in all areas of ones life because it changes the way of thinking toward positive direction.

Aleksandra Njegovanovic, Telekomunikacija

The training helped me to open up new horizons, to understand my previous behavior and my view of the world. New tools have given me the opportunity to understand better situations and persons and to refine my senses that I did not pay attention.

Tatjana Orcic

The acquired knowledge is applicable; you've encouraged us by your behavior and suggestions to find the right solutions.

Gordana Stanojevic, Regional Retail Director, DIS

I've reached very useful comprehension and self-awareness. I am sure that all that I have heard, seen, felt and experienced will be very useful to me, in my business and private life as well.  My goals for the 2012 will be named ACTION GOALS and I believe I will achieve them successfully.

Darija Djukic, Selection & Recruitment Specialist, Asseco SEE

With the expert guidance of Gordana Berger and her assistant team, learning is easy and entertaining with lots of practical exercises. I am sure that, applying the NLP techniques, we can achieve better understanding among people and therefore better cooperation. More importantly, I have become aware of the importance of the non-verbal communication and some of my own limited beliefs. I am now even more motivated to learn and uncover my personal potential that was neglected and suppressed. Great exchange of positive energy with other participants gives this type of education unique charm.

Nevenka Maric, Director, Galija Lux

In my point of view as I have worked in retail sales where the audio communication is primary the  revelation is the visual communication and eye-accesing cues.

Slavisa Tomovic, Retail Manager, Carvel Beograd

I learned a lot about myself, my behavior and mistakes. I now better understand people different from me, I see the difference and will do my best to overcome it by adapting my behavior to different people. Thank you for all the knowledge that I gained, I will of course continue further. Thank you for "opening my eyes" for every-day misunderstandings and providing opportunity to work on them.

J. LJ.

Phenomenal presentation of the program and methods of NLP. Adequate approach to each individual that strengthens self-confidence. Thank you!

Svetlana Djokic, Journalist

Innovative training that opens the door to many changes and gives the encouraging guidelines towards professional and personal development. Driving energy of Gordana Berger and Zorica's support give special power to new insights. My strongest impression is discovering areas in which I need to work in the future.

Application of interesting tools shortens the time of searching for solutions on initiating constructive behavior, understanding nonverbal communication and achieving goals. I believe in success, the training has been extremely inspiring.

Jelena Vasilijevic, Head of Retail Department, Djak

I came to the key discoveries about myself, my future profession and new strategies that I will use in the future.

Marija Butulija, Expert Coordinator of GM Office, Petroleum Industry of Serbia

An incredible experience. A journey through the present into the past, for the future. I learned how to learn and how to create myself, to change myself and to stay on my own. Sometimes you need to think aloud. We are not perfect, just try!

S. M.

Well done, professionalism at the top, continue to spread positive energy. THANK YOU!

Jelena Nenadovic, HR Departement, Delta Maxi Group


The Magic of Virginia Satir

"The Magic of Virginia Satir" training influenced me in extremely inspiring and enthusiastic ways. I believe that all participants have taken the opportunity to initiate a series of events in a positive and different way. The training is really very interactive, challenging, open and applicable to everyday life for everyone who wants to follow the path of development and continuous personal improvement. Of course that the magic of the training was completed by Eva, our dear guest from Germany, with her cheeerful and optimistic approach that embraced each participant in a particular way and attracted us to the game called life.

Gordana Panajotovic, Alternative Sales Services, Procurement and General Administration Director, UNIQA Insurance

Extremely positive energy and skills of the trainer to connect participants, boost energy and interest of all participants. The most important experience from this training is the awareness of how much valuable is to stop and look inside yourself and how much good feelings and benefits the look inside yourself brings.

Milos Tomanovic, Consultant, Omega Consulting Team

The Magic... is extremely useful training that instantaneouslyaffects increase in personal effectiveness, establishment of good relationship with ourselves and others and connection with undisclosed internal potential. The interactive approach and enthusiasm of the trainer and other participants contributed that this training was really one great experience. The tools are applicable at all levels of life (private, business, family environment) and therefore the added values are very precious. At this training I opened a treasure trove, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to reach further in their own personal self-realization that will further affect theirgreatersatisfactionwith lifeand allitsaspects.

Radmila Stanojevic-van Os, Organizational Development Consultant

Well designed training. Congratulations!

Aleksandra Petkovic, Softver Engineer, Key to Metals AG

The Magic of Virginia Satir is an excellent training and a valuable experience for the participants. The practices are very instructive and the trainer all the time leads and inspires you to communicate with the environment in a different, more efficient way. I recommend the training as well as for those with more experience, as for the beginners in this field.

Dragan Savic, CEO, Management Performance Academy

Training "The Magic of Virginia Satir" has opened up new insights, opportunities and better ways to relate to myself and others. It awoke new ways of identifyining reactive bahaviors of myself and others and preventing poor communication.

It has  given me new NLP toolss that can be used during the coaching to help my clients connect effectively with their emotions and deep structure, which is a fundamental step for the client's awareness and desired changes.

Maja Andjelkovic, Wingwave & Life Coach, ICI

It is very important to understand that each person is an "iceberg" and that just very small part of us can be seen "easily" but below the surface there are another important personality layers. The Iceberg Exercise, which is a part of the  "The Magic of Virginia Satir"  training is very helpful and it changes many attitudes that we have about ourselves and others. Everyone needs to go through this exercise by himself, with a partner or a close friend. This training is not only a driving energy - but possibility to apply self-realization in all life's situations in the future, and revisit the past only for the experience. Thank you for this experience.

Dino Mujanovic

Shorten the way of your own learning... and often wrong final evaluations and conclusions. Discover a powerful method with which the non-verbal communication of the others... becomes a comprehensible language of intentions and attitudes hidden in a verbal attitude. Find also the parts - of your - hidden and unknown personality... Learn to see yourself too... and those who are not you in a new light.

The Magic of Virginia Satir training has given me more precise definitions... and clearer pictures... of things and questions that I often think about. It also enabled me to discover the meaning and purpose of dedication to my profession... and all that with the very first few, introductory sentences... of wonderful Eva.

Feti Dautovic

Release Your Personal Potential - Action NLP BusinessPractitioner

 I have learned to reach (and set) my goals, rather than only solving problems. I've learned not to take things personally, if it is not necessary.

People should be satisfied with themselves and their lives spreading that pleasure to their surroundings ... Anyone can learn this here!

Mladena Kosanovic

A very useful training in a pleasant atmosphere, plenty of interesting lectures and exercises helps you to move your limits.

It strengthens self-confidence, you learn to set and achieve objectives more efficiently, you become more creative, more determined, cheerful and enjoying life more than before.

Predrag Griva

The hardest test for everyone is to get to know himself firstly in order to be able to get to know others and that is precisely what NLP enables us. I got to know myself, and others. Action NLP has made my life easier, and that was my goal. "I opened my eyes" to things I did not consciously know before. I would absolutely recommend this training to others as I already did.

Jelena Ljubisavljevic, HR & Marketing Director, Aluroll

If you want to learn more about yourself, if you want to control your feelings and behavior in extreme situations just join this training course.

Zoran Susa, Telekomunikacija

Fun, interesting, useful! I would recommend it to all ages, because it is never too late to begin achieving your desires and goals. Action NLP personally helped me to interpret non-verbal communication, to identify my goals and focus on them, to discover the necessary resources in myself in order to achieve them.

Boris Avlijas, FX Trader

People in different positions at their companies can discover through this training how their personal development and personal experience is the factor which significantly affects the team with whom they work. The training is very good to awake people regarding what they should do in their professional and personal life.

Milena Randjelovic

Action NLP has helped me to open all my senses, to listen and hear the world around me. It has helped me to open myself to inside, to observe myself from the most hidden corners, to accept and understand the diversity of opinions, attitudes and ideas ... The people are wonderful ... It's nice to look through "NLP" eyes. After the seminar you are no longer the same, we have got the wings to change ourselves for the better. I became particularly more flexible and I have awoken my creativity... I've learned to be better for myself and for others.

Maja Radinovic-Lukic

During the Action NLP Business Practitioner  I have been learning to see the events and situations from multiple perspectives, primarily respecting myself. I realized that there are no insurmountable obstacles or unsolvable situations, but there are in fact disguised lessons that help me develop as a human being (even though I don't exactly greet them with arms wide open). Now, after completing the first NLP step, I am dedicated to what I want out of life - I have my goals and I achieve them.

Action NLP training Modules are practical, with many simple tools and techniques whose application can actually help you to achieve a miracle. All these things, of course, including the coach, Gordana Berger, whose energy is inspiring and does not leave anybody indifferent ...

Kristina Radonjic

My personal changes that have happened are not as important as those I am looking forward, and then it will be noticeable  the level of learning and the mode of application. Until then I can say that I am eager to socialize, I think differently, I understand the people and I don't condemn them or for their behavior, I am happy and focused on the future.

I would recommend this training for one reason - Learn to be better to  yourself and others!

Draginja Miletic

The acquired knowledge I apply into my life, into all fields. I've become more creative, got ideas, expanded horizons...

Creative, effortless work with a lot of exercises - it is really worth.

Lidija Grujic

Unusual experience. With the help of the great coach I managed to awake my hidden values, gain more confidence and definitely realized that we can't change people around us, but only ourselves.

Action NLP techniques are very effective and can be used in the business and private life. The changes are already visible, and I would honestly recommend this training for all.

Zorica Marinovic

Total renewal and change of personal state and behavior, perception of life, personal goals and wealth. Awake yourselves and the world around you.

Nenad Nestorovic, Full Insurance Coordinator, Takovo Insurance

Stronger self-confidence, more creative, innovative, persistent, focused on solutions, resolute, cheerful, brave, confident - also the others noticed this. I completed the studies within the deadline. Better communication with family members, and beyond.

If someone wants to work on himself, the best way is through Action NLP. This is a unique and fastest way to get results. It's proven!

Snezana Momcilovic