Role of an Employee during Performance Appraisal

For a successful performance appraisal, both the manager and the employee must be prepared and they have to have mutual respect for the other one’s standpoints and opinions. By taking a proactive role in this process, the employees learn how to take responsibility for their results, they recognize their strengths and weaknesses they have to work on, they plan future development and achievements.

Remember, what you get by reaching your destination isn't nearly as important as what you become by reaching your goals - what you will become is the winner you were born to be!
Zig Ziglar

Program duration: 1 day

Key advantages:

  • Developing a feeling of a common goal for employees and managers
  • Two-way communication in clarifying job description
  • Taking active role and responsibility for personal results and planning future achievements
  • Increasing the feeling of trust in manages
  • Discovering potential challenges that have negative influence on productivity
  • The possibility of talking about the future perspective

Main areas:

  • Linking performance appraisal with the business strategy, organization and professional goals on personal level
  • The role of an employee in performance appraisal
  • Performance appraisal – assessment of: skills, knowledge, abilities and conduct
  • ‘Critical Event’ method
  • Categories and scales for performance appraisal
  • Time frame and the importance of goals
  • Quantitative and qualitative goals
  • The importance of preparation and realistic evaluation of personal capabilities
  • Proactive approach and taking personal responsibility
  • Success strategies

Examples of exercises and additional development tools:

  • Structural exercise Critical Incident Method
  • Professional training clips for employees with solutions and real life principles for preparation and taking active role during a conversation on performance