Top Management Coaching

Top Management Coaching


Top Management Coaching focuses on development of business skills, achieving personal and professional objectives, more effective decision-making, interpersonal communication and personal motivation.

Although business coaching is focused on a person, not on the development of business system and procedures, the results of Action Business Coaching measurably influence indirectly the company’s results, through increased working performance and efficiency.

There is an overlap of business coaching with life coaching because if the person has some challenges in private life they affect business productivity and create imbalance.

ABC client’s benefits:

  • Improving Leadership Skills
  • Creating EI - Emotional Intelligence through - self-awareness and empathy
  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • Increased personal power 
  • Creating effective teams
  • Improving personal mentoring and coaching skills
  • Improving communication and building relationships in the complicated situations
  • Effective delegating
  • Achieving balance between business and private roles

ABC Benefits for you and your Company:

  • We provide the unique coaching package created according your needs by the professional coach, Gordana Berger
  • Our ABC coaching package is focused on the results that you want  to achieve


Ashen Ataljanc

"Boundary between joy and sorrow divide hours, minutes… I realized that the art of crossing side to side makes up our life. The room is small and often difficult to traverse. For that you need a master.

Thank you, Gordana, for your courage, the size of a grand master and skill to help me to always be on the right side."

Ashen Ataljanc, Prima Ballerina and Founder of Ashen Ataljanc Dance School
Nadezda Kokotovic

"The most important thing during Action Business Coaching was that I realized my mistakes especially in relation to my associates and ways of correcting them.

I have learned to redirect negative feelings in business situations towards more independent decisions. My colleagues have noticed the results of the coaching and I consider it my greatest success.

I've learned what kind of programs can run in people's heads and that if someone is different from me, it doesn't mean that they are inferior. It means that I should refer them toward jobs that better suit them. When I am looking for the associates now, I know how to ask the right questions to choose persons who understand me easily.

One of the important revelations that I've discovered are all these shades of body language and exercises that helped me to abstract myself from situation."  

Nadezda Kokotovic, Head of General Manager Office, Petroleum Industry of Serbia