Strategies for Success during Performance Appraisal

The main task for every modern manager is to get maximum performance from the people he/she manages with the optimum energy investment. Communication skills aimed at providing support and timely feedback are the key factor in achieving maximal effects and are especially important during a conversation on performance appraisal.

If you're sincere, praise is effective. If you're insincere, it's manipulative.
Zig Ziglar

Program duration: 1 day

Key advantages:

  • Timely preparations of managers for a conversation on performance
  • Understanding the structure of the conversation, personal and professional role
  • Promoting two-way communication
  • Timely feedback
  • Reducing misunderstandings and errors during performance appraisal
  • Creating a motivating atmosphere and directing the employees in the right direction
  • Preparing information and tracking successfulness during the whole year

Main areas:

  • Linking performance appraisal with the business strategy, organization and professional goals on personal level
  • The role of managers in performance evaluation
  • Planning and preparing managers for a conversation on performance
  • Steps in the structure of the conversation on performance appraisal
  • Preparing space and non-verbal communication
  • Skills and techniques for resolving potential communication challenges
  • Communication principles aimed at providing support
  • Principles for reducing errors in evaluation
  • Success strategies

Examples of exercises and additional development tools:

  • Structural exercise ‘Critical Incident Method’
  • Professional training clips for managers with solutions and real life principles for resolving potential communication challenges during a conversation on performance
  • Action plans