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Many succesful people as a additional tool for foucusing their energy toward their life’s objectives create Vision boards, that represent visual representation of their ideal life.

Vision boards help activate The law of attraction that attracts the right people, things and circumstances into their life.

How to create your Vision board?

    • Gather all your supplies: uLarge poster board, photographs, maganzines, post cards, downloaded photos, markers, glue, sizars or any other items you would like to use.
    • Cut out pictures from magazines that represent your dreams and your ideal future. When you are choosing photographs and images, think how you want your life to look in a year and do not restrict yourself with limiting beliefs.
    • Glue images and photographs to a poster board. You can organize them by themes such as career, financial goals, family, friends, health, or make it a random collage. Be sure not not to include images of situations that desturb you but images that present successful resolution of those situations.
    • Add your finishing touches to your Vision Board. Use your creativity to highlight the most important image, draw or paint something positive, write inspiring words about who you are and who you are striving to become. Add a happy photo of yourself where you are surrounded by people you like and would like to have around you in the future.
    • Hang you vision board where it can be your daily reminder of your personal vision of where you are headed.

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