Professional Telesales Skills and Techniques

In our specialized training program we tend to transfer applicable Action telesales methods that will be aimed at proper application, conducting sales conversation, resolving complaints and concluding the sales successfully. When you adopt the behavior and skills from Action Model of Telesales, you will understand your clients and potential clients better; you will decrease your personal stress and attain more sales agreements on the telephone.

Remember that it is not important which way you would like to sell something, but how your customer wants to buy it.
Freeman Gosden

Program duration: 2 days

Key advantages:

  • Applying systematically Action Model of Telesales step by step, which increases your efficiency in telephone negotiations
  • You will learn to grasp different features of your clients and the most effective way of communication with them
  • Application of techniques that may enable you to achieve your maximum in telesales
  • Resolving clients’ doubts and objections
  • Overcoming challenges in telephone communication
  • Improving techniques of communication with aggressive clients
  • Decreasing stress during telephone communication


Main areas:

  • Action Model of telesales
  • Challenges of telesales and telephone communication
  • Importance of preparations for a call and definition of its purpose
  • Principles of starting communication and creating positive first impression
  • Strategies of communication with different types of clients
  • Vendor- client interaction medium
  • Key words and overcoming obstacles with different types of clients
  • Conducting conversations formulating the questions properly
  • Descriptive presentation of advantages to a client
  • Techniques of eliminating doubts and objections
  • Separating communication problems form negotiation problems
  • Breathing and voice control
  • Techniques of communication with aggressive clients
  • Direct and encouraging indirect signals of closing sales
  • Principles of anti-stress attitude
  • Appraisal of conversation about sales


Examples of exercises and additional development tools:

  • Peak Personality Type Assessment (PPTA) – Personal profile assessment
  • Role play of situations from your environment
  • Personal action plan for each step of telesales