Business Solutions through Creativity and Innovation

In the contemporary business environment, companies must constantly improve the ways of resolving operative challenges, find new possibilities to place their products and create new ones in order to increase their efficiency and productivity. During our training you will become familiar with the ways of resolving complex problems using the models that combine creative techniques, analytic thinking and knowledge of business models.

Significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
Albert Einstein

Program duration: 2 days

Key advantages:

  • Applying the combined model of analytic and creative problem resolution
  • Recognizing personal conceptual errors and their correction
  • Stimulating individual and team innovation in thinking and decision-making
  • Applying the techniques of decision analysis for the purpose of reaching best solution and group consensus


Main areas:

  • Need for creativity and innovation in the current business environment
  • Model of analytical problem resolution
  • The limitations of the model in analytical problem resolution
  • Model of creative problem resolution
  • Principles of decreasing conceptual errors in the creative resolution of problems
  • Principles of support to innovative thinking
  • Focus on action and solutions


Examples of exercises and additional development tools:

  • Case studies of practical application concerning the Model of analytical and creative problem resolution
  • Innovative Attitude Scale (IAS) – Questionnaire for the assessment of individual innovation