Release Your Personal Potential

Release Your Personal Potential

Release your personal potential - AMC NLP Business Practitioner will introduce you to a world full of new knowledge and capabilities in which you will recognize innovative strategies and identify more inspiring choices to achieve small everyday victories and big and important personal goals. You'll learn a lot about yourself, your potential, you will be empowered to successfully overcome challenges and understand the different attitudes of others.

Duration of the certified program in total: 18 days

AMC NLP Business Benefits of the complete 18 days program:

  • More effective communication and understanding of personal differences
  • More successful self-management and reducing stress
  • Recognition of personal resources and orientation to the solutions
  • Higher quality of relationships with clients and associates
  • More professional business communications
  • More creatively overcoming challenges
  • Healthier business/private balance
  • Creating desired changes by setting inspiring goals
  • Improving sales results
  • Developing emotional intelligence skills
  • More focused and productive meetings
  • Developing the negotiation skills and realization of the impact
  • Productive teams management

If you feel that it is right time for you to discover your new interests and hidden resources, we invite you to join us on a journey that our powerful, fun and interesting program of personal development offers!

Additional bonus: 

  • Life Styles InventoryTM (LSI 1) – Self-assessment Questionnaire

Note for the in-house (Corporate) trainings:

Complete seven Modules of the AMC NLP Business Practitioner trainings are also available to employees of your company in original or tailored made training solution.

I truly believe we all have a sleeping giant within us. Each of us has a talent, a gift, our own bit of genius just waiting to be tapped.
Anthony Robbins

1st Module: Unpack NLP – From Self Leadership to Leading Others

2 days

Our two-days training is designed to introduce to you, in a very stimulating and interactive ways, the powerful principles of NLP. You will have an ideal opportunity to practically discover how you can, with NLP, improve your self-awareness and understanding of others, set your goals that you will fulfill, become more flexible in communication with others and create more choices in your life.

You will start to realize the applicability of NLP, since you will reach the new ways of thinking and behavior that will help you find your answers and solutions for, seemingly unsolvable situations. By the end of our two-day training, you will not only be familiar with the NLP principles and techniques, but you will also apply NLP successfully.

  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Practical application of the leading NLP Principles
  • Building rapport, pacing and leading
  • Identifying and interpreting nonverbal clues
  • Improving perception
  • Achieving flexibility in communication

Additional development tool:
The Learning Style Inventory (LSI) - Self-assessment Questionnaire

2nd Module: Create your Resourceful States
2 days and 2 excercise sessions between modules

On your journey of releasing personal potential, first what you will encounter is the importance of the awareness of personal state and personal resources. The relationship between your thinking, behaving and getting into resourceful state will become clear and you will experience how by changing your thoughts you influence your behavior, and vice versa, how by changing the behavior you change conditions and thinking.

Increased flexibility will generate more diverse choices and better results in your life. Through our AMC 7 Steps Model of setting goals, you will create inspirational personal goals to achieve.

You will become aware that by using their five senses people experience the world around themselves in different ways, and if you want to build a closer relationship and understanding, you need to speak a language that will identify metaphors and representational system that the other person uses.

  • Self-awareness and achievement of desired state
  • Activating of all necessary resources in the challenging situations
  • The impact of thoughts on the physiology (and vice versa)
  • NLP Perceptual positions and benefits of using it in crisis situations
  • AMC Model of Achieving Goals

3rd Module:  Discover the Big Why 
2 days and 2 excercise sessions between modules

You will learn to notice more clearly signals sent by others, your assessment of the situations and your perception will become much more flexible and you will become much more successful in your communication. Through powerful exercises, you will realize that you really have all the answers in yourself. You will learn how the questions you asked yourself create your own reality, motivate or limit you. You will start to ask yourself questions that will make you more powerful and be focused on positive solutions and outcomes. Your negotiating skills will be enriched by the NLP models used by successful negotiators.

You will learn that by using anchors, whenever you need it, you can create an association between two events and create a state for yourself in which you will have many various inspirational resources available.

  • Discovery of personal rituals and powerful habits
  • T.O.T.E. Model of successful goal achievement
  • Using anchors to create the desired state
  • Finding the balanced inner game
  • Asking powerful questions for more effective communication (chinking up / chunking down)
  • Psychological calibration - B.A.G.E.L. Model by Robert Dilts
  • Acceptance of differences and achieving flexibility in communication

Additional development tool:
Locus of Control Scale (LCS) – Self-assessment Questionnaire

4th Module: The Power of Change
2 days and 2 excercise sessions between modules

In the creative and inspiring environment, you will be working on discovering your life's beliefs and identifying those that are limiting and that you want to change, as well as working on resolving the conflicting beliefs, if they are present. With the introduction of internal representations you will be working on powerful changes from limited to desired believes. You will reduce your personal stress and create a positive emotional balance.

You will find out your most important life values, which are in the background of your everyday decisions and in accordance with them you will learn to make effective decisions. 

  • Discovering personal beliefs and identification of limiting beliefs
  • Identifying the internal representation of beliefs and powerful AMC NLP transformational exercises
  • Stress reduction and creation of a positive emotional balance
  • Getting to know the most important personal life values
  • Understanding Principle of good intention
  • Identifying ways of making decisions
  • Willingness to initiate internal changes and inspiring changes in others

Additional development tool:
Personal Values Inventory (PVI) - Self-diagnostic Questionnaire

5th Module: Build a Vision and Create Your Future
2 days and 2 excercise sessions between modules

By setting your goals you create your own destiny! Setting goals in your important areas of life, you send a message to your subconscious that the current situation is not the one in which you want to stay. You will be developing focus and activating the mechanisms that will prepare you for the action in the right direction.

You will learn to present your goals on a timeline, to visualize them and make the first step and positive action that will take you closer to the desired future.

Through powerful exercises you will recognize a personal hierarchy of values. By applying a comprehensive NLP knowledge, through practical exercise work on the Neuro-Logical levels, you will build your vision and be closer to the achieving of personal goals.

  • Goal setting using the Timeline
  • Models of AMC goals visualization
  • Strategies of achieve successful goals
  • Values and hierarchy of values
  • Working to identify Logical levels

Additional development tools:
Personal Conflict Style (PCS) – Self-diagnostic Questionnaire

6th Module: Discover the Magic of Language
2 days and 2 excercise sessions between modules

You will discover new language patterns that will contribute to precisely asking crucial questions. Learning more about how we use language to create our world and recognizing the hidden internal programs others use, based on listening to them, you will be able to ask powerful questions that will change the course of conversation you engage in. You will use new language patterns that will help you reduce the resistance during the presentation of your ideas, to conduct meetings and to communicate the inspiring vision of the company.

You will improve your skills of giving the constructive feedback, very important in business and private life as well as diagnose your own conflicts resolution style.

  • Introduction of Meta Model questions
  • Identifying hidden Meta Programs based on the spoken language of others
  • Improving leadership skills and skills of personal influence
  • Constructive feedback skills improvement

7th Module: Create a Personal Success Strategy
2 days  and 2 excercise sessions between modules

During our last Module you will learn how to find creative solutions by using the Disney Creativity Strategy model created by Robert Dilts. You will create your own project using the Disney model.

Through practical application of Action negotiation techniques you will improve your skills of influence. You will experientially discover how to use everything you learned in a sophisticated manner and with increasing confidence.

  • Identifying personal role in different contexts
  • Framing and Reframing
  • AMCnegotiating techniques
  • Disney Creativity Strategy

Additional development tool:
Innovative Attitude Scale (IAS) – Self-assessment Questionnaire

8th Module: Certification
1 day

By your regular attendance on Modules and successful fulfillment of the program of the AMC NLP Business Practitioner goals including exercises, application of skills and passing the exam, you will be qualified for our Certificate, also certified by the International Associations of The Professional Guild of NLP, founded in the early '80-ies of the last century in London, and IANLP International Neuro-Linguistic Programming from Switzerland, founded in 1983.