Corporate Clients

Excellently organized and stylized training, with clear concept and comprehensible content. Exceptional trainer Gordana Berger with her style and energy in a different way depicts situations from real business life and leads them to a different, out of the box, way of thinking.

Manojlo Vujanovic, Bid Team Manager, TeleGroup Ltd



Thank you for these two extraordinary days, the quality program and the knowledge you shared with us. You gave me back an additional desire to learn, work on myself and my people.
I am glad to have met you, and it is a great honor to be able to say that I know you. This is my first training, definitely not my last. Great praise for the effort and work of Gordana and her team.

Stojan Milivojevic, Founder and Owner, AAM Network Inc.



I was glad to participate in such a training. The trainer conveyed the topic in a very interesting way.
I had no feeling that anything was demanding nor boring. The methods which were presented are of great importance to me. I would like to tell other people to dare and try it. Not a demanding training at all, but very useful.
Although the training lasted for 2 days, I started implementing the methods immediately because I think that they are very useful for me in achieving success and desired goals, both in business and in life.
Thank you all :) see you again hopefully.

Marina Karan, Product Data Entry, Digitec Galaxus



Training with Gordana Berger and Action Management Consutling Team was really transforming. What impressed me the most was the commitment to each participant and the interactive approach. Through the exercises we did, I noticed a significant improvement in interpersonal communication within the team. This aspect is essential for strengthening the team spirit, which is crucial for the success of any company.
The most important change I noticed after the training is in the effectiveness of my sales approach. The influence strategies I learned allowed me to adapt my approach to different types of clients, which made me more successful in achieving my goals. The focus on each individual during the training created space for personal development, and the techniques we have adopted, such as 'break state', have proven to be extremely useful in everyday business situations.
As for joining again, I would absolutely go back. The experience was not only educational but also inspiring. I believe that additional participation in training would contribute not only to my further professional growth but also to the improvement of team spirit within the company.

Lazo Smiljanic, Marketing & Recruitment Team Lead, AAM Networking Inc.



The training made me look at myself from a different perspective. Understanding your weak points can only bring room for advancement both in business and in your private life. At the beginning of the first day, the training seemed to me similar to other trainings I have attended, but as the day progressed, my opinion changed. At the end of the training, I could only thank Gordana for a very good and meaningful training that opened space for me to think. I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate again. Thank you and see you again!

Nebojsa Jelic, Sales NI/MOD, Schindler



An experience that exceeds all expectations. Despite my skeptical nature, as a salesperson and psychologist with many years of experience, this training has shown me that you can still learn a lot when the trainer is a top professional in her work. This program offers the opportunity to create a new perspective. Par excellence lectures by Gordana and her great team player Sandra.

Milos Bodan, Recruiter, AAM Network Inc.



The entire Arhipro management team believes we have had a great new experience through which we got to know ourselves personally and within our management team. We also have discovered management styles we strive to. After the training, from the first day, we started to apply new tools and techniques, and we noticed that the application immediately brought the first successes.

I would recommend the AMC as an excellent choice, because in our team of great personal character differences, Gordana Berger was rated as a great motivator for every individual. She is very inspirational in a training methodology. This training is a great start of a big chapter about management skills in the company and self and team-discoveries. The great journey has just begun.

Anja Ivana Milic, Owner and Technical Director, Arhi.Pro



After two days of training, my personal impression is that a lot of attention is devoted to each participant, and that all the exercises are focused to open and improve communication between the participants. This certainly contributes to building and strengthening interpersonal relations in the company, which I consider very important.
I would highlight the fact that through various exercises I recognized the space for personal professional development in everyday communication, both with colleagues and customers. Techniques such as "a state break" and "a follow, follow, lead" that are practiced at the training are applicable in all life situations and certainly stimulate thinking and offer new solutions for the everyday challenges we face.

Nikola Jovanovic, Sales NI/MOD, Schindler



Very useful and applicable in every aspect, both individual and business. The concept of the entire program was high-quality, inspiring, creative, and constructive. The training influenced me to become more aware of myself and my possibilities of advancement, to understand people and the environment and look at the bigger picture, and to apply methods and tools unknown to me both in the work I do and in situations of a personal nature that I “couldn’t”, that is, I didn't know how to influence, to change them.
In addition to a company of wonderful people and a good atmosphere, the outstanding Gordana Berger, her stylish and impressive program management, dedication to each individual, professionalism and authenticity gave us the incentive to work on ourselves, improving our knowledge and our skills so that we are surely on the right path to success and achievement of the desired goal in all fields. All praise and warm recommendation for Gordana and AMC.

Dasa Radosavljevic, Dispatcher, AAA Freight, Inc.



First of all, I would like to thank you for the very interesting and successful training that we went through together, as well as, for your energy and enthusiasm that you have shared with us. Personally, training helped me to clarify the image of myself and environment I live in and work, providing changes in perspective and ways of looking at everyday activities and at the people I am surrounded with. Even though I have personal interest in this topics and I have heard of many things before that I try to incorporate in my practice and life in general, this was one refreshing experience for me.

Analyzing my own patterns of behavior has really helped me to better understand myself, and also the situations and people in my environment. I am fascinated by the simplicity and easiness by which some new options have been opened to me and pointed out some directions I can work on, and motivate other people. Especially interesting were the methods for "unpacking problems", new possibilities of turning them into challenges, and at the same time, really practical tools for analysing and resolving them. Finally, there was a strong blow of positive energy and team spirit, which were contributed, besides you, by my colleagues with their open and sincere approach and participation.

 As a practical person, I started to apply many of these things that really helped me overcome some of the actual situations that I was faced with, and which I shared with you. I think that anyone who wants to progress must work on himself and constantly improve his own knowledge, and this experiences are necessary on that path. All in all, this was one positive and useful experience, you have my warm recommendation and support to continue your work.

Milos Petrovic, Head of Design Bureau Project



It was of great importance to me that the training I had planned for my team is effective, interesting, motivating... With a trainer such as Gordana Berger, I made it all happen. Through exceptional professionalism and creativity, which she had in working with us during the two-day training, we received so much new knowledge and practical advices, which we started to apply immediately and we hope to persevere. We will certainly continue to improve our staff in cooperation with a reliable partner such as AMC.

Tatjana Miodragovic, HR and Administrative Manager, Amphenol Automotive Technology



I am very pleased with the event, especially considering the organization, speed, resourcefulness ... Really Gordana, special thank you for responding on a short notice. I was impressed by how much people were interested, it tells me that this all makes sense what we do… And the Association will make sense as long as there is interest, and it is clearly growing.
Regarding Gordana's presentation, I thought to myself when I drew the vicious circle - I would struggle a lot if I drove on that one, but it was a bumpy ride before, from time to time it had to be - at least I understood it that way.
And let me point out one sentence from our member who called me that evening, when it was all over: "This is the first time extra chairs were brought in ...". We are moving on, we are changing things, we are hustling, it's easier when we do it together...
Thank you for the hard work, great presentation and companionship!

Dejan Milic, B.Sc. MBA, Procurement Strategy and Policy Expert, Telekom Serbia



Informative, applicable, enlightening, corrective.
Self-awareness has always been a challenging part of self-improvement, both personally and professionally. This training helped me to notice in just two days several challenges, unawareness and virtues that I currently possess, so I believe that it will suit anyone who works and wants to constantly improve himself and his professional skills.

Biljana Tomic, Safety Manager / Chicago Office, AAM Network Inc



I speak on my own behalf but I am sure I speak on behalf of the Association when I say that you have made our conference more beautiful and enhanced. The experiences of the participants are positive, some (among them myself) have thought well of some "vicious circles" of habits. Thank you for this also, but thanks again for accepting the invitation on a short notice.
I certainly hope that we will have the opportunity to further cooperate to our mutual satisfaction.

Dusan Cetkovic, Co-President, Association of SAP Users in Serbia, USKUS



The training opened up many questions that I didn't even know were a problem and gave me the tools to solve them.
I would recommend the training to anyone who needs to improve or yet to build a managerial attitude, with words - you don't even realize how much you don't know.

Hristina Rakic, Financial Officer, AAM Network Inc



Training was very usefull. It indicated the methods to get to know ourselves in the first place and the way to communicate.
It was an excellent training because it starts with personal development first. Apply knowledge and work on yourself and you will change the world around yourself as well.
This training shows and opens new directions to me, teaches me in professional way how to do it and be successful in it.

Snezana Bozovic, Senior Mechanical Designer, Integral Group



Very, very interesting. I have learned so much and hopefully I will persevere in it. I have already recommended the training. :) We should take seriously some small and "irrelevant" things, in order to unleash our potential. Thank you for everything ❤.

Vesna Perovic, Product Data Entry, Digitec Galaxus



I would say that it is very important to attend an AMC training, as it is general, and it is applicable in all industries. Learning and improving oneself is essential and that is with Mrs. Berger very possible! Thank you.

Antonije Keljevic, Owner & CEO, AAA Freight Inc.



I liked the training because it entered into spheres I didn't even know existed. I became more aware of my own opportunities to move forward and focus on more positive things in life and my surroundings, but as well as how to turn to a faster solution in some situations, stepping forward from the comfort zone. I would recommend this training to anyone who would like to increase awareness and become (or to start thinking) more aware of their options.
The trainings I attended earlier were not so essential that I would immediately start changing things. I also learned to change the state I am in, which helps me a lot in business and life in general.

Milja Damjanac, CR, Digitec Galaxus



 It's always a great pleasure to work with Action Management Consulting and professionals like Gordana Berger and her team, that we have been successfully cooperating for several years.

When you are constantly exposed to pressure and stress in the business environment, Gordana's trainings introduce you not only skilfully but almost imperceptibly in a certain subject matter, and  you gradually slow down your pace being imposed by a peaceful and calm approach. Today it is a real privilege. The combination of international and local experience, careful preparation and insight into each individual participant are a great added value.
If you want responsibility, flexibility, respect of deadlines and professionalism, then you should definitely collaborate with AMC.

Nevenka Aleksic, Head of People Development, Crédit Agricole Serbia



It was a great pleasure to participate at the corporate training. We have learnt a lot from Gordana and from each other. Gordana is an excellent trainer and takes every opportunity to guide us forward, to help us with the first steps, but also makes sure we stay on the right path long after the training. The whole experience is very positive, the training is very interesting and we were all engaged. We have started with implementation an hour right after the training ended, we implement even today and we have an excellent base to build further. All recommendations for AMC and Gordana!

Davor Ilic, Director of Operations, AAA Freight, Inc.



Training was held in an exceptional atmosphere, with excellent examples from real business and everyday life. We are richer for new knowledge, experiences and methods that we will be able to apply in our daily work. Unlike previous ones, this training has enabled us to more comprehensively analyze our own negotiating position, strengths and weaknesses in relation to the other negotiating party, as well as opportunities for improvement.

Tatjana Lukic, Purchasing Manager, Bambi



I've actively participated in the training. The training has been spontaneously directed towards things that are important to my work. Expectations met, the trainers are great, in a word - useful!

Aleksandar Zlatkovic, Main Branch Manager, Credit Agricole Serbia



You inspire and move in all the right ways. I realized I need you and I am looking forward seeing you again and learning in a special atmosphere you create. AAA Freight management team has gained initiative to think and to build its managerial positions. You have awakened the managers within ourselves, you have touched every single one of us, even though we came with different needs and attitudes. Thank you AMC!

Bojana (Angie) Knezevic Stamenov, Accounting Manager, AAA Freight Inc.



Thank you for an amazing training, perfect experience and a wonderful socializing. You encouraged me to think seriously about my previous attitudes, as well of a way I think. I just want to tell you one thing, a powerful desire for progress was created, as well as a desire for improvement and a change. If one serious 48 years old person wants that, then I think that you understand the scope of my desire for a success of our company and for my personal success.

What I want to point out is that in just two days I got to know another, more beautiful face of my colleagues, which makes me especially happy. With you Gordana, as a trainer, training topic and with the colleagues who participated in it, the success of our company and our collective is guaranteed. 

Sasa Trbojevic, Chief Operating Officer, Arhi.Pro

Dear Gordana, I would like to thank you personally as well as to a team of Action Management Consulting on excellent cooperation. I should mention that the service we provide is specific and therefore the service that you offered. After the first session, there was already visible progress in our employee's behavior. His attitude toward his job, as well as toward our clients is now on the exceptional level.

There is a significant value for us, as employers, as well, because now we can improve the quality of work and thus profitability of the salon. Your team has our sincere recommendation.

Nada Jovovic, Salon Owner, LORA pet

I am very pleased with the training that our company has organized in cooperation with the AMC company. I personally love to participate in various types of trainings and I look forward to acquiring new knowledge, new experiences. I was very active during the training, as did the other members of the management team of our company. We took the opportunity to become closer and communicate, because that was not always possible given the nature of our business.

Exclusive credit for this goes to the trainers, because they were able to promote needed relaxed atmosphere and be a catalyst of a good communication. Each of us has lots of experience in the business and we all tried to share our business and even life experience with our colleagues. Atypical situations in business are always interesting. The methodology of this training was obviously carefully thought out. Very useful experience, for every recommendation and it should be repeated regularly.

Zoran Gajic, Director, Sky Music Center

The training was very constructive and introduced me to a new dimension of seeing and solving the "challenges". This is certainly something very important for anyone in a serious business and management and I warmly recommend it to everyone.

Jugoslav Jugovic, Project Team Leader CAD/BIM Implementation Specialist, Arhi.Pro

I have learned to react more to the intention, not the behavior and I started to better understand my team. I give them support and manage them in the right way. Motivating them and creating comfortable work atmosphere in the office the end result could not pass unnoticed!

When making some decision the most I was thinking about  was ZOPA because it turned out that the best results are achieved when we take into account the other side, their needs and when the emphasis is placed directly on them. Only in this way we entered the zone of possible agreement. Clients have recognized that and the results were there. If the result was not obtained in some cases, we relied on the BATNA, we have not closed the door, but we have learned the maximum from the current situation and I am convinced that we will eventually close the sales process by concluding the sale. Our company supports personal and professional development of its employees. We will continue to nurture these values and we certainly recognize AMC as an adequate partner.

Natasa Selenic, Associate of Commercial Affair, Bex Courier Service

During the last five years, in Ukraine, Bosnia and Serbia, it has been my pleasure to hire and have as a colleague Gordana Berger. She and her company prove to be excellent collaborators in a number of consulting assignments. She brings in all her consulting or training work a thorough knowledge of international practices that she blends with the local culture. This «blending» accounts for her success in all her endeavors.

Paul Doucet MBA, Director, Financial Institutions, Partnership National Bank of Canada/CRCSogema

 Education and Training Center of Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the first half of 2011.realized very good cooperation with the consulting company "Action Management Consulting Ltd." in the area of the Skills of effective communication. Mrs Gordana Berger, manager, presented to the secretaries of associations and committees, directors of centers / departments and also to the partners of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Action NLP Business Practitioner as a way of relaesing of  personal potential, speaking on the topics: effective communication and understanding the diversity, more professional and business relationships and creative cooperation, understanding and access to the tools for creating  the desired change, clear goals with defined actions, addressing the challenges in a more systematic manner to the results and better relationships with coworkers. 

Serbian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the National Agency for Regional Development of Serbia, in the realization of EU project "Female entrepreneurship Ambassadors "WENS", jointly organized a one day training to women entrepreneurs. In an interactive discussion on communication skills and public speaking, the attention was focused on the study of motivation, including explanations of motivational techniques. Knowing the nuances in this area of ​​work and credible transfer of experience, Gordana Berger motivated the listeners to find out their own new way of looking and recognize the old one from the perspective of their own potential. Immediacy of Mrs. Gordana Berger helped the participants of  this workshop to gain the useful experience that will be a sure step in upgrading the existing.

Mirjana Bjelobaba, Senior Advisor, Serbian Chamber of Commerce 

Action Management Consulting was the company that we could always rely on throughout 2007. Professionalism was shown in terms of agreement on trainings, consultancy as well as prepared material and the training itself. Trainings were always interesting; the focus was on participants and there was a great wish for passing on knowledge and experience. A client of Action Management Consulting is in the first place and the client feels that. We were always free to ask for advice and, together with Action Management Consulting, design training and receive exceptionally positive feedback from the participants.

Olivera Trikic, Executive Manager of HR Sector, Komercijalna Bank

I am glad that I have heard from you again and I could say in a nutshell that your engagement in training of RL staff has resulted in a new level of providing service excellence. In my opinion, the whole organization, trainers and training, and above all, the approach to training, are really at the international level. Comparing it to trainings of RZB Group, your trainings are in the top of the kind. You are always very welcomed in RL!

Petar Gavranovic, Sales Manager, Raiffeisen Rent

Thank you for the excellent training, after which I feel even more firmly, that knowing yourself and your environment leads to assured success. It is my pleasure and honor to be part of a team of 12 fantastic people, whereby I think that during the training, each of us got to know each other a little bit better. I am looking forward for the opportunity to further develop myself in such environment!

Milica Vukasinovic, Head of Project Management Department, Arhi.Pro

Good athmosphere, very positive and open approach, usage of our internal examples. Apsolute recommendation on my side, keep up the good work!

Vladimir Marinkovic, Main Branch Manager, Crédit Agricole Serbia

In 2007 and 2008, I was working as a consultant in Sarajevo and on several occasions, I had the opportunity to work with Action Management Consulting. They assisted us in our efforts to improve the capabilities of a financial institution by presenting several training programs in strategic marketing, including advanced sales practices, customer relations and negotiation technique.

Gordana Berger and her team impressed me with their professionalism, as well as their quality and up-to-date training material. Their seminars are lively and animated, an effective tool to achieve the objectives of the training; all the while encouraging the participants to work hard to acquire and accept new concepts and practices. At the end of the seminar, the participants almost unanimously confirmed that they had learned a lot and had appreciated the way the courses were presented.

Given the opportunity, I would always be delighted to utilize the services of Action Management Consulting for similar training courses and seminars.

Bernard Kennepohl, Senior Banking Expert, Partnership CRCSogema/National Bank of Canada

We met Ms Gordana Berger, General Manager of Action Management Consulting during long-term training arrangement organized in Eksim Bank Holding company by EBRD in 2005. She was a co-implementer of the training program then. That arrangement may be considered a pioneering achievement in the national banking system, especially in the part performed by Ms Berger referring to development of Professional Selling Skills and Techniques in banking industry.

Considering our positive experience we chose the same company two years later in Privredna Banka Beograd, where such training was more than necessary. Large group of employees, i.e. all the employees that directly communicate with clients, passed the training and the overall review was that the applied training was at highly professional level, systematical and keeping active attention throughout the training. The Bank Management received feedback on applied training in form of written reports and in direct contact with the Company Manager. We surely recommend co-operation with Ms Gordana Berger and Action Management Consulting to all interested institutions.

Mirjana Lakovic, E.B. Member Deputy – Executive Manager of Finance and Planning Sector, Privredna banka Holding company, Beograd

AMC is among exceptional companies that demonstrate what they teach. In each contact, you feel you talk to people ready to listen to you, understand your needs and find the answers to each question together with you. It is a true pleasure co-operating with people ready to exchange knowledge and learn together with their clients

Ivona Simic, HR Manager, Würth