Release Personal Potential

This unique training program enables you to improve your self-introspective, to accept your personal responsibility and plan the accomplishment of objectives with assistance of practical and applicable methods. Beside the realization of your personal potential during the training, you grasp your individual needs for interaction with other people as well as understand and accept individual differences of people in your environment.

There is a fundamental truth that you will spend your whole life with one person. Whether you like it or not, that person will be there for you 24/7 every moment of your life. That person will determine how much you'll be successful and effective in everything what you do. The relationship you have with that person is very important. That person is you. 

Richard Bandler

Program duration: 2 days

Key advantages:

  • Acceptance of personal responsibility and self-introspective
  • Identification of required development direction
  • Keeping up with the practical and applicable process in the accomplishment of goals
  • Creating action plan aimed at attaining personal productivity and success
  • Initiating personal motivation and positive energy


Main areas:

  • Key dimensions of self-introspective
  • Understanding and accepting individual differences
  • Establishing individual system of values and personnel standards
  • Instrument and term values
  • Personal style of absorbing information, learning and assessment
  • Adaptability and personal attitude to changes
  • Interpersonal orientation
  • Acceptance of personal responsibilities and future planning
  • Comprehension of personal value system regarding work and career, family, financial accomplishment, health and fitness
  • Identification of long-term and short-term personal goals
  • Monthly, weekly and daily planning
  • Model of clearly set financial objectives
  • Applicable techniques of visualization of objectives
  • Personal action plans
  • Overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals


Examples of exercises and additional development tools:

  • The Learning Style Inventory (LSI) - Questionnaire for self-assessment of personal learning style
  • Five personality levels individual practice for consideration of personal value system
  • Locus of Control Scale (LCS) - Questionnaire for assessment of Locus control
  • Practice for setting goals and planning