Action Management Consulting (AMC) is a Serbian-Canadian Company that has a leading position in Serbia in the fields of corporate and individual development. We were established in Belgrade in 2003, and our training and coaching programs are recognized internationally by the high business standards, proven practical frameworks, and in professional integrity.

We are focused on results and changes that our participants accomplish in the long term. During the training participants are in a dynamic environment that is supporting them and inspiring to grow. Each coaching program is created based on the measurable results a client wants to accomplish.

Uniqueness of our trainings are Action multidisciplinary experiential models and tools combined with effective multidisciplinary methods and strategies, that are professionally designed to create difference in behavior that makes a difference in results. We believe solely in the process of change that occurs during training and coaching. 


Consultancy fields:

  • Innovative Corporate Trainings
  • Personal and Business Coaching
  • Organizational Consulting

Our mission is inspiring people to discover their potential through creation of action: action in themselves and action in their surroundings!

We are here for you to encourage you in discovering the best version of yourself and to focus on all that is positive around you because what you focus on increases!

We offer to our clients the partnership, which we value responsibly and seriously and each encounter between us serves the single purpose: accomplishing the results that our clients expect and results that they as individual clients and as a client companies deserve! 


Our vision of cooperation:

  • Trustworthy support  
  • We offer innovative motivational trainings 
  • We work together on personal development 
  • Our company uses most powerfull methods and strategies of experiential trainings
  • Our consultants have long term  professional international and domestic experience

The decisions you make right now will affect how you feel today and what you will become in ten years. Take action in the right direction!