The Magic of Satir - A Model for Growth, Development and Change

The Magic of Satir - A Model for Growth, Development and Change

Trainer: Eva Wieprecht (Germany)

2 days

5th - 6th of April 2013

Target Group:

This Training is for:

  • People with NLP background
  • Practicing counselors
  • Coaches
  • Therapists that are currently working with clients
  • People who desire to move forward on their personal pathway of change, evolvement and growth.

About the Program:

We are proud to present exclusively in Belgrade on 5th - 6th April, 2013 - The Magic of Satir, with well-known international NLP Master Trainer and hypnotherapist, Eva Wieprecht.

This intensive two-days training is based on original teachings of Virginia Satir, who is considered the pioneer of family therapy, recognized by Bandler and Grinder as one of the three most successful therapeutic communicators on which the NLP founders created the field of NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Our workshop trains the 6 core skills and phases that Satir systematically applied in the process of growth, development and change. Within this structure we will introduce a set of Models that Virginia Satir have developed and offer a variety of experiential exercises.

Our practical models and exercises can be applied directly in your work and personal life, with exercises that can be practical preparation steps for important tasks, enabling you to enrich your relationship with yourself, colleagues, team members, clients and partners.

Congruent communication with yourself and others is a core skill for healthy relationships and well-being in your personal and professional life.

The Satir Model will help you become aware of the difference between congruent and incongruent communication and a pathway to recognize and learn to communicate with congruence.

The focus of the program will be:


  • To experientially understand and apply the philosophy of the Growth Model of Virginia Satir
  • The Iceberg Model as a map to understand the relationship between our coping behaviors on the surface and our underlying feelings, perceptions and learnings as part of the deep structure


  • Understand yourself even better, especially in times of stress
  • Explore new pathways for more helpful communication
  • A Model for Self leadership to help facilitate congruent communication, increase self-esteem and communicate with awareness under stress


  • Learn the Satir process for transformation and change
  • The Change Model as a map and description model for conscious change

Workshop Objectives:

The participants will be:

  • Able to identify and comprehend the philosophical assumptions of the Satir Model
  • Explore how to increase their capacity to connect to themselves and others and as a result be more effective in personal relationships
  • Deepen their capacity to validate themselves and others
  • Learn how to identify various unproductive and dysfunctional reactive patterns
  • Deepen the understanding of how we communicate under stress and find pathways to choose between reaction and response
  • Learn the 6 core skills that Virginia Satir systematically applied in the process of helping people grow and change
  • Learn to use three of Virginia Satir’s central models including the Temperature Reading, the Change Model and the Iceberg Model to enhance awareness of one’s thinking, feelings and deepest yearnings

The program is experiential in nature, engaging the participants in the learning process through demonstrations, exercises and processing of the experience.

About Virginia Satir:

Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was an internationally known therapist (referred to by many as "the pioneer of family therapy"), teacher, and author. Her books Peoplemaking and Conjoint Family Therapy are two of the central texts of humanistic psychology. Virginia was universally acknowledged as one of the most powerful and effective therapists of the century.

Throughout a career spanning some forty-five years, she developed systemic ways of helping people grow and change. Satir held high hopes and great enthusiasm for the ability of the human spirit to make this world a better place to live. Her vision was to help empower people to reach their full potential.

Time and Place:

Training will be held in Belgrade from April 5th - 6th, 2013 (Friday – Saturday)

Action Management Consulting
Zepter Palace
Kralja Petra 32