Earlier trainings

Earlier trainings

Advanced Action Negotiating Skills

The particularity of Action NLP trainings is that you, as a participant, will experientially find out the difference in skills which creates a difference in the results applying the most successful negotiation models, modeling the best negotiators. Based on the Action Constructive Negotiation Model, using powerful psychological tools and sales tactics, you will develop your action plan, an Action Negotiating Strategy for the most current situation from your business environment and apply a success model that you can use whenever you need to influence others in and outside business communications with customers, associates and colleagues.

Top Presenter

This management training program can direct you towards more successful public presentations that will improve your professional image and help you to communicate your messages effectively. During the training you will find out the effective steps for creating a successful presentation and promoting a dynamic atmosphere and conducting presentation that will be effective and original.

The Secrets of Effective Communicators

After our training, comunication with those surrounding you - clients, associates, colleagues, family and friends - will never be the same! You will realize the significance and effect of your communication style on the business and personal success and results that you create. You will learn how to easily notice signals others sent, your evaluation of situations and perception will become more objective. You will build powerful professional and trustworthy image that will inspire others, increase their confidence in you and make your communication skills more successful.

Release Your Personal Potential - Action NLP Business Practitioner

Release your personal potential - Action NLP Business Practitioner will introduce you to a world full of new knowledge and capabilities in which you will recognize innovative strategies and identify more inspiring choices to achieve small everyday victories and big and important personal goals. You'll learn a lot about yourself, your potential, you will be empowered to successfully overcome challenges and understand the different attitudes of others.

The Magic of Satir - A Model for Growth, Development and Change

We are proud to present exclusively in Belgrade on 5th -6th April, 2013 - The Magic of Satir, with well-known international NLP Master Trainer and hypnotherapist, Eva Wieprecht. This intensive two-days training is based on original teachings of Virginia Satir, who is considered the pioneer of family therapy, recognized by Bandler and Grinder as one of the three most successful therapeutic communicators on which the NLP founders created the field of NeuroLinguistic Programming.