Create your future

Many succesful people as a additional tool for foucusing their energy toward their life’s objectives create Vision boards, that represent visual representation of their ideal life.

Vision boards help activating The law of attraction that attracts the right people, things and circumstances into their life.

How to create your Vision board?

Sales 101

Whenever we talk about sales, there is often certain number of people that will tell us I’m not a salesperson and I would not be able to sell anything in my life!. If you personally said this at some point, here is the news for you: We are all sellers and we all sell every day! We are not referring solely to the selling of products or services. We are talking about selling yourself – selling your ideas, values, wants and goals. There is no positive life experience that you obtained without skills of selling and influencing.

Time Management or Self-Management?

Truths on Time Management:

  • Time is not manageable
  • We can only manage ourselves and our activities in given time
  • Time is the only irreplaceable resource. No matter what we do, time passes.
  • Each day, each week, each month, each year we all have the same time at our disposal, you, me, Bill Gates, Madonna, the President, Novak Djokovic... The only difference is the way we use it!
  • The only way to possibly have more time is to use it in a better and more efficient way.

What is time management?

Stress Management

What is stress?

It is hard to find one comprehensive definition of stress. We can say that stress is a body reaction to the need for constant adjustment to changes in the environment and a condition that appears when a person perceives that the demands outbalance personal and social resources that a person can mobilize.

Can you recognize yourself in the following?

Leadership for the XXI century

Leadership in Times of Change

Do you also believe that the new century imposes an unwritten rule that some things will never be the same, and some new shapes and forms will take place, advancing our knowledge, systems we operate in and overall business framework? In a world swallowed by the globalization process, we must learn to adapt new tools and techniques that if not used right away, quite soon leave you behind your competitors.

Why is Leadership important to us, in the first place?