Management Coaching Clients Impressions

Ranko Milicevic, NI / MOD Sales Manager, Schindler

I am delighted with the experience I gained at the Action Management Consulting Center. The instructors were very professional and committed and provided me not only with theoretical knowledge but also with practical tools for successful leadership. The materials were carefully selected, structured, and adapted to contemporary challenges of business, and really helped me to understand the essential principles of leadership.
What particularly impressed me was the individualized approach - the opportunity to work directly with a mentor, which allowed me to tailor the learning to my needs. The discussions and simulations of business situations were intense and useful, and the support from the mentor was exceptional.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of leadership and practical skills for business success.
This school was truly a key point in my professional development.

Ranko Milicevic, NI / MOD Sales Manager, Schindler

Ašhen Ataljanc

The boundary between joy and sorrow is hours or minutes apart… I realized that the art of crossing side to side makes up our life. The room is small and often difficult to traverse. For that you need a master.

Thank you, Gordana, for your courage, the size of a grand master and skill to help me be always on the right side.

Ashen Ataljanc, Prima Ballerina and Founder of Ashen Ataljanc Dance School

Nadežda Kokotović

The most important thing during Action Business Coaching was that I realized my mistakes especially in relation to my associates and ways of correcting them.

I have learned to redirect negative feelings in business situations towards more independent decisions. My colleagues have noticed the results of the coaching and I consider it my greatest success.

I’ve learned what kind of programs can run in people’s heads and that if someone is different from me, it doesn't mean that they are inferior. It means that I should refer them toward jobs that better suit them. When I am looking for the associates now, I know how to ask the right questions to choose persons who understand me easily.

One of the important revelations that I’ve discovered are all these shades of body language and exercises that helped me to abstract myself from situation.

Nadezda Kokotovic, Head of General Manager Office, Petroleum Industry of Serbia

Lora Pet

Wonderful working atmosphere, everything is presented easy and simple, the way that everyone can understand. Gordana has changed the way I look at the world. Not only me, but everyone around me noticed the change in me and my behavior.

I am much more active in every aspect of my life, at work, during training, on the street, in cafés… I think that the main key in making the decision about my further actions was questionnaire about personal communication style.

Dusan, Lora Pet

Ivana Mikavica

I have always wanted to learn from the best and that wish came true for me in 2014 when I finally met Gordana Berger. I was exhilarated that I finally had an opportunity to work with a personal coach of such a high calibre. During my five Action Coaching Sessions I have discovered most essential inner programs of myself that highly impacted the quality of my life. Ms. Berger’s approach to self-growth is revolutionary in this field.

I set some ideal and big goals to myself, but Gordana reminded me that the most important thing in the first place is to get to know yourself and that the path to  fulfil yourself as a person  is primarily possible through proper mindset. She, as a coach, can really help anyone who wants to understand, see and feel what success is.

Ivana Mikavica, Translator of English and German


Gordana Berger has introduced me to the most important person in my life - to myself, or the part of my personality that has the capacity not only to solve the problems that I encounter, but to “liberate" me in those aspects of my life in which I was "stuck along the way".

So, for example, thanks to what Gordana taught me (on just one coaching session), I got rid of fear of dogs that I used to live with for 40 years. This is a benefit that is the most visible to those around me, and there are many other benefits which have raised the quality of my life to the level I did not even dare to dream of. In addition, I personally prefer the relationship that is on one hand deeply friendly and on the other hand highly professional.   


Nada P., Toronto Canada

My friendship with Gordana has been very successful in every aspect of my being. Our coaching helped a lot because I found some things in myself that because of many life situations I have left on the side and totally forgot about them. I have discovered them and I am now maintaining them and giving them full glow.

She reminded me that the most important things in life are right around us, but as I said, we totally forget about them because of goals that we set for ourselves and others and every failure is a defeat for us.

Gordana succeeded to get me back on the source of all that exists and all that it should be, and that is LOVE, but in the real and true sense of that word, TO LOVE AND TO UNDERSTAND TO GRASP AND TO MOTIVATE, TO BE HERE IN THE MOMENT… TO LIVE!!! Thank you, Gordana, for helping me to get to know Nada again!!!

Nada P., Toronto Canada