How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

During our training you will experientially discover what is the "difference" in skills that will create the "difference" in results, by applying the most successful negotiation models created by modelling  the most skillful negotiators. 

Based on our constructive negotiation model, by using powerful psychological tools and negotiation tactics, you will develop your action plan and negotiating strategy for your current business situation and you will adopt the success model that you will be able to use whenever you need to have an influence, even beyond business communication with clients, associates and colleagues.



In business you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
Chester L.Karrass

Program duration: 2 days


Key advantages:

  • Achieving measurable results with increase in personal satisfaction
  • Creating some more proactive long-term relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Prevention of complicated and unpleasant situations
  • Adopting strategies of the most successful negotiators


Training agenda:

  • Negotiation styles
  • Action Model of Constructive Negotiation
  • Action Phase 1: Professional Preparation - step by step process
  • Key success factors - 8 Action steps (Interests, BATNA etc.)
  • Action Phase 2: Starting the negotiation
  • Psycho-Geography and powerful non-verbal signals
  • Action Phase 3: Influencing
  • Action NLP strategies of Influence and Motivation
  • Qualifying clients and discovering personal motivational strategies
  • Action strategy of 10 steps overcoming objections
  • Action Phase 4: Closing the Negotiation
  • Influencing psychological strategies of the most successful negotiators
  • Complete preparation and practical work


Examples of exercises and additional development tools:

  • Constructive negotiation model with complete preparatory tools 
  • Effective check-lists and Action Plans
  • Established negotiation strategies