Sales and Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service

First-class Client Oriented Service

Our interactive training program is recommended to those who tend to provide quality service to clients, including managers that create procedures and standards and employees that communicate directly to clients, and demonstrate its company‚Äôs image. Participants will generate plans during group and individual exercises, which will be applicable in their companies, in order to overcome qualitative changes between the current and required standard in providing services developing personal potential and proactivity. interactive training video clips contribute further to a better adoption of new skills and competencies.

How to Improve Your Sales Skills

In this training program you will be able to obtain most effective skills and concepts that will increase your efficiency in sales. During the period of two-day professional training you will pass through each stage of sales process in which you will practice new sales techniques by using practical examples from your everyday work environment, overcome challenges that you encounter and develop your sales potential.

How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

During our training you will experientially discover what is the "difference" in skills that will create the "difference" in results, by applying the most successful negotiation models created by modelling  the most skillful negotiators. 

Professional Telesales Skills and Techniques

In our specialized training program we tend to transfer applicable telesales methods that will be aimed at proper application, conducting sales conversation, resolving complaints and concluding the sales successfully. When you adopt the behavior and skills from Action Model of Telesales, you will understand your clients and potential clients better; you will decrease your personal stress and attain more sales agreements on the telephone.

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