Performance Appraisal

Each company has its system of performance appraisal but the challenges both employees and managers encounter during discussions on performance are much alike. Both parties must be prepared since they have the same significance in gaining excellent results.

Having in mind encouragement of both managers and employees to think more positively of performance and to expect the performance appraisal interview with less tension, we have developed innovative trainings for both focus groups during which we provide additional interaction applying professional training video clips.

Interesting video clips for managers lasting 30 minutes show solutions and principles for prevailing potentially difficult situations in communication with employees during performance appraisal interview. During our training,

managers recognise their own behaviour and their employees attitudes shown in video situations. They learn applicable strategies that provide better preparation in the real life situations and constructive and confident fullfilment of their very important roles.

Video clips for employees are target-oriented to prepare employees for performance appraisal interview. In very effective and interesting way they show the importance of accepting proactive role, preparations for the meeting and monitoring personal achievements during previous, current and future periods.

The message that we send to both target groups is about the significance and potential of positive side of performance appraisal, which is of great importance for the whole company, illustrating how big advantages are for both sides when menagers and employees successfully and responsibly accept their roles and act in accordance with them.

Further information in our trainings:

Place and Role of Managers during Performance Appraisal

Place and Role of Employees during Performance Appraisal