Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching


Personal Coaching is a partnership between coach and a client, in which the focus is on the goals that client wants to achieve in personal and professional life, that are in accordance with client’s personal values and achieving balance in important life areas.

Unlike training, during coaching, a coach does not offer answers to the client but raises powerful questions that direct client to a different view of the situation. Personal limiting beliefs and habits are explored and more powerful and supportive ones created that will provide new solutions and increase personal potential.  

Coaching, in most cases involves working with a client "one on one" in a direct or Skype conversation, as well as communicating via e-mail between coaching sessions.

The difference between therapy and coaching is that the therapy is dealing with mental health, while coaching is concerned with mental growth. Coaching focuses on present and future, rather than on analysing the past.

  • Do you achieve all that is important to you?
  • Do you have inspiring future goals?
  • Are you living up to your full potential?
  • Have you achieved your professional success?
  • Do you have harmonious relationship with your partner?
  • Can you afford everything that you want?
  • Are you satisfied with your physical appearance?
  • Do you feel full of energy?

If all your answers to these questions are positive, congratulations!

If you have answered some questions negatively, there is potential to make your life even better and more fulfilled!

Imagine that you have possibility to find different answers and with someone who helps you, create your life and become what you’ve always wanted to be. This inspiring process is called Personal Coaching and your coach supports you to make such decisions that will fulfil your life goals.

Personal Coaching can also help you with:

  • Personal motivation
  • Overcoming stress
  • Getting over personal blocking states
  • Understanding and replacing fears
  • Changing negative habits
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Unleash personal resources
  • Overcoming conflicting situations

During the coaching the new opportunities will appear where it used to be challenges and obstacles and creating the action you are going to live  truly in accordance with yourself.




"Gordana Berger has introduced me to the most important person in my life - to myself, or the part of my personality that has the capacity not only to solve the problems that I encounter, but to "liberate" me in those aspects of my life in which I was "stuck along the way".

So, for example, thanks to what Gordana taught me (on just one coaching session), I got rid of fear of dogs that I used to live with for 40 years. This is a benefit that is the most visible to those around me, and there are many other benefits which have raised the quality of my life to the level I did not even dare to dream of. In addition, I personally prefer the relationship that is on one hand deeply friendly and on the other hand highly professional".   

Nada P., Toronto Canada

"My friendship with Gordana has been very successful in every aspect of my being. Our coaching helped a lot because I found some things in myself that because of many life situations I have left on the side and totally forgot about them. I have discovered them and I am now maintaining them and giving them full glow.

She reminded me that the most important things in life are right around us, but as I said, we totally forget about them because of goals that we set for ourselves and others and every failure is a defeat for us.

Gordana succeeded to get me back on the source of all that exists and all that it should be, and that is LOVE, but in the real and true sense of that word, TO LOVE AND TO UNDERSTAND TO GRASP AND TO MOTIVATE, TO BE HERE IN THE MOMENT… TO LIVE!!! Thank you, Gordana, for helping me to get to know Nada again!!!"

Nada P., Toronto Canada
Ivana Mikavica

"I have always wanted to learn from the best and that wish came true for me in 2014 when I finally met Gordana Berger. I was exhilarated that I finally had an opportunity to work with a personal coach of such a high calibre. During my five Action Coaching Sessions I have discovered most essential inner programs of myself that highly impacted the quality of my life. Ms. Berger's approach to self-growth is revolutionary in this field.

I set some ideal and big goals to myself, but Gordana reminded me that the most important thing in the first place is to get to know yourself and that the path to  fulfil yourself as a person  is primarily possible through proper mindset. She as a coach can really help anyone who wants to understand, see and feel what success is."

Ivana Mikavica, Translator of English and German